Wolfbark All4One:One4All Bar


My new Wolfbark All4One:One4All chocolate bar was named after Dr. Wolff, a character in the IJustKnowLove360° novel series. The organic inclusions of almonds, cornflakes (non-GMO & fruit juice sweetened), buckwheat and popped sorghum make for a healthy, delicious choice!


Prizes, cartoons, free novels, music and more are offered in the Wolfbark packaging. A portion of Wolfbark profits supports RandomActsOfCulture360° fundraising projects.

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Organic, Low Glycemic, Vegan, Gluten Free

Weight: 2 oz

A Heavenly Blend of the Highest Quality Ingredients:

  • cacao*†
  • raw coconut butter*†
  • cacao butter*†
  • raw maca*†
  • carob*
  • almonds*
  • cornflakes* (cornmeal* and/or yellow corn flour* grape and/or pear juice concentrate*, sea salt)
  • popped sorghum*
  • buckwheat
  • palm blossom crystals (coconut sugar)*†
  • Himalayan salt
  • stevia* (you won’t taste it!)

*Organic  †Ethically Sourced

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