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Heavenly Customer Comments


“Help! Has anyone ever had to have treatment for addiction to your chocolates!!!?? Just kidding.. (well not really) I tried your chocolates for the first time on Saturday, when you were doing an in store sampling. They are absolutely wonderful.. no sugar, healthy, and taste amazing… We have bought a new package every day since Sat!! We are sooo hooked!” ~Elizabeth

“I just wanted to tell you that I think you have an incredibly special product. As soon as I got home from traveling, I tucked my chocolate away in the freezer. Today I am PMS’ing…a time when I always crave chocolate. I pulled your Yacon heaven out of the freezer a couple of hours ago and shared a couple of pieces with my husband, and you just wouldn’t believe how psyched I am right now. No sugar reaction no dairy reaction, no gnawing addictive “wanting more” feeling after eating a couple of pieces. Just totally satisfied. THANK YOU!!!!! Most of all, I am so excited to have a special sweet treat that I feel comfortable giving to everyone in my family. Thanks SO MUCH!” ~Kaycie D. NY

“My wife and I first came across your raw chocolates at the co-op a couple of weeks ago. What a treat! I can’t eat “normal” chocolate in more than miniscule amounts because of a dairy sensitivity and, well, that sugar rush of chocolate candy is so intense. But the raw chocolates you’re doing go down so well. They feel gentle, even soothing in the body. And, instead of a sharp sugar taste, you can actually taste the chocolate and the coconut butter. Really wonderful!” ~Ian G. Boulder, CO

“I discovered your chocolates at Vitamin Cottage and I am a complete addict! I have been trying to cut back on sugar and processed sweets but it has been such a struggle since I love chocolate. I feel as if I can eat your products without feeling guilty! Can I buy from you directly? I am happy to buy a LOT since the chocolate will last a year… and since I have been eating about 4 bars a day. THANK YOU so much for creating such a brilliant treat!” ~Wendy

“I was given a small 1.8 os packet of your Pure Heaven chocolates for Christmas. They are fabulous!!” “I am so enjoying your chocolates – this is the first time I’ve been able to eat chocolate without negative repercussions, thank you so much!!” ~Cate C. Kelly, Wyoming

“Bought your chocolates at Vitamin Cottage. They are delicious! I appreciate the high quality, low glycemic ingredients. Thanks for delicious chocolate treats. I can’t stop eating them. Just wanted to tell you… On 3 different occasions, when going through the checkout when buying your chocolates, the 3 different cashiers made comments like, “this chocolate is sooo good!” and continued to rave about it as we discussed how much we love it. This happened at Vitamin Cottage and Whole Foods. See, everyone loves your delicious chocolates!” ~Jeanne

Squirrel1 “I went to Vitamin Cottage and got one heart and a little bag of different shapes! So, I took my first bite and at first thought it was tart and then within a second it melted in my mouth and I loved it and ate all of them! They are delicious – I’ll have to go get more!! Good job on that – wow!” ~Michele

“I had to e-mail you to tell you about my current addiction… with your chocolate! Holy crap they’re amazing. Dustin and I saw them at vitamin cottage about a week ago and tried the mint chocolates along with a bar… both were absolutely delicious. We bought 2 containers of the mint chocolate and the heavenly chocolates today and they are disappearing quickly.” ~Merideth F. Allens Park, CO

“Coco’s raw peppermint chocolate bar was absolutely amazing. The taste and texture were very pleasurable and while eating it all I could think about was giving Coco a big hug and saying thanks!” ~R.J. Mastic

“I came across your Mint Heaven bar and wanted to compliment you on its excellence! I’ve eaten alot of raw confection over the past 10 years and this is fabulous.” ~Andrea

“I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your chocolates! Thank you for making a sugar-free chocolate. My husband and I recently quit sugar and I don’t think we could have done it with out you. We probably eat a box a week. The animal shapes and the beautiful bar mold making eating them even more enjoyable.” ~Kira Griffin Boulder, CO

“I just adore your chocolates!!! In fact, they are becoming a daily habit! I am a total chocolate connoisseur, I love love love chocolate and have been slowly trying to move entirely to the raw varieties (especially now for health reasons). I have recently been purchasing the molded shapes; delicious is all I can say!!!” ~Alison

I got your product at Vitamin Cottage today and I just wanted to let you know your chocolates are THE BEST raw chocolates I have ever had. I hope your business does well. ~Alex

“I would like to arrange the purchase and shipping of some of your chocolates to give as a gift to my Mother who is a diabetic. She has found if she eats 1-2 of your naturally sweetened chocolates daily, she does not experience any bump in her blood glucose. She enjoys your chocolate very much indeed as do I!” ~Nancy H. Abingdon, VA

“Your chocolate is sent from the angels. I cannot thank you enough. I love my sugar free chocolates.” ~Merel Denver, CO

“I just want to tell you that Elizabeth is right…I am convinced. Your chocolates are to die for!” ~Mellette E.

Acorn1 “Chocolate so good you want to eat it for breakfast, made with ingredients so good that you can. You can tell if I really like you if I share my CocoLicious chocolates with you. (it’s true! It’s not as easy to to get them as other chocolates and I go thru them so quickly, often my husband never gets any out of a box. I’m a total Coco’s Chocolate piggy/addict.)” ~Kira G. New York, NY

“I picked up some of your bars at Whole Foods, & am trying to eat them sparingly. They are divine. I was thrilled to find your delicious & lovin’ local raw chocolate.” ~Kate H.

“Your chocolates are divine…you have a new fan. It shall be a new staple I keep here at 7 Arrows for everyone.” ~Markus Boulder, CO

“I thought you might appreciate knowing that when I did the shopping tour for my 90-day program at Vitamin Cottage last Saturday, that all the clients’ TOP item on their list was “CocoLicious chocolates”! They were like, first things first, you have to show us where to find CocoLicious chocolate!” ~Ann G. Boulder, CO

“I bought a bunch of hearts from Vitamin Cottage the other day -I think I’m addicted to your chocolate!! I gave some to my dad who really liked it too.” ~Michele

“I loved Coco’s raw chocolates as soon as I took my first bite. I am not much into chocolate but this was so exceptional I couldn’t believe it. I also loved the health aspect that it was sugar free too. Everyone should have this experience! ~Carol Berry Santa Fe, NM

“My roommates did not believe that Coco’s chocolate bar could taste as great as is it did and be made without being melted or cooked. Truly a pleasurable treat for vegans and all others. What a great healthy chocolate bar!” ~R.J. Mastic

“I’ve become a very big fan of your chocolates– they’re wonderful! And judging by the fact that your products are sometimes sold out (especially my favorite flavor, mint), and that the cashiers at Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage are always ready to talk about how yummy your chocolate is, I’m not alone!” ~Esther

“I just had to tell you again how much I love your chocolate- the “Yacon Heaven” variety. It feels so nourishing. This is really exciting to me because I love love love chocolate and like to include it as part of my diet but like to find ways to incorporate it as a food not a treat.” ~Veronica C. Marathon, FL

“MY daughter and I and many of her friends are addicted to your Chocs. We love the Sugar- Free. Emma turned me onto them when I was in Boulder last February and we ordered a couple of pounds for me to take home to Vermont.” ~Katie B. vermont

heart1 “My name is Loren and I have been buying your chocolates more so this time ’round than I have in the past 4 years! One reason would be the yacon addition! I first discovered your chocolates while working at the boulder co-op. Ever since, I would buy them pretty often. I just recently bought your BIG BOX of the yacon heaven at the last farmer’s market…Thanks for your blissfilled raw yacon chocolates!” ~Loren S. Boulder, CO

“My name is Chelsea and I recently purchased your mint chocolate bar from Whole Foods Market in Boulder. I LOVED this product and was so happy to find a more affordable, raw, dairy free chocolate bar! Do you have a website that I can share with friends so that they can learn about your product? I am very excited for this chocolate find and will definitely be buying more. Thank you very much for creating and sharing it!” ~Chelsea

“I recently purchased some of your chocolates at a holiday market at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, They are my new favorite treat!” ~Jenn P.

“I live here in Boulder and LOVE your Pure Heaven raw vegan chocolates!!!” ~Christina B. Boulder, CO

“I want you to know that I so enjoy your chocolates. Thank you so much for creating them!” ~Elizabeth D. Superior

“We got your chocolates yesterday. They arrived in good condition and are DELICIOUS! thank you!” ~Shirl S. Denver, CO

“AWESOME chocolate!!! I loved it. I’m definitely buying more!” ~Tara N Longmont, CO

“i love your chocolate treats. i buy them at alfalfa’s when i want a treat. they are so wonderful. it’s so nice to enjoy a sugar free sweet.” ~Michelle Q. Boulder, CO


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